I love all things Psychology and User experience related. I completed my honours in Psychology with an extended internship in Psychometry.

My degree in Psychology gives me many advantages when it comes to UX. I have a strong background in research which directly translates to user testing (quantitative and qualitative), analysis and report writing. I have set up the UX lab for Mxit running regular usability testing sessions. I thoroughly enjoy creating test scripts, conducting user testing, user recruitment, analysing results and reporting back in an audience specific manner.

Personas, story telling, mental models, wireframing and many more form part of my tools when analysing a system for the needs, wants, goals and pain points for users.

I am an avid reader of all things UX with an special interest in Neuropsychology. I enjoy working with aspects such as memory, senses, learning, thoughts and emotions in order to understand how a design will affect the individual.

I am always ready to talk about UX, lets chat.

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