The purpose of PsychUX

Hello and welcome to a journey into the realm of user experience

Im sure we can agree that we’ve all had web/app experiences that were less than desirable. The website that is so cryptic you spend an inordinate amount of time pouring over the pages, copy or links to find what ought to have been much easier to achieve.

It is for this reason (and many other reasons, which I will explain in later articles) that User Experience (UX) was born. User experience endeavours to put the end user of a product at the forefront of consideration. This is called the User Centered Design (UCD), this is the process in which the end user is considered throughout the strategy, design and development process. Assumptions are debunked or solidified through data driven techniques such as user testing.

It is however quite difficult to distill a definition of User Experience into one sentence. I have asked many UX professionals to describe exactly what it is they are do. In turn I have received a large variety of responses which is the very reason why UX is difficult to describe. I think this picture best describes what it is UX is all about.

My vision for this blog is to start conversations about UX in all it’s facets. I will write articles about new tech, useful resources, psychology, sociology but most of all I want to write about the “aha” moment I have while working in the UX community. The thought provoking ideas that make our jobs so interesting and challenging.

I do, however, want to emphasise that I am by no means an “expert”. This is not an esoteric endeavour for the elite few UX experts. I have been in the UX community for a few years yet, everyday I am reminded that the more you know the less it feels like you know (because you realise that the subject of UX is rarely ever going to be saturated). I, therefore, welcome comments, insights and differing opinions, I am here to learn too.

I think Socrates says it best:

“As for me, all I know is that I know nothing”

Thanks for reading. I hope you will come back and enjoy the articles each week.

Humbly yours,